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Upcoming Projects:

     Below is a synopsis of works-in-progress that I'm currently working on, each requiring a degree of background research. Once I finish my current novel I will focus on one of the following to complete it through to publication. If, after reviewing the synopsis, you have a particular interest or suggestion for which novel you would like to see written and published next, feel free to drop me an email.  If you have any questions regarding any of my novels/projects just drop me an email and I will be happy to respond. Also, if you have any suggestions for other topics you would like for me to consider for a future novel project, feel free to share it with me.


All titles given below are tentative and provided for reference. Therefore, they are subject to change before the novel is submitted for publication.


Al-Jinn Legacy

     Al-Jinn Legacy is a supernatural thriller that delves deep into the ancient history of mankind and our spiritual connection to God, Angels, and Demons. Based on extensive research of ancient scrolls & texts, rooted in history, the story is set in a modern-day adventure which takes the reader on a journey of discovery, intrigue, and deadly confrontations with a supernatural D'Jinn and demons.

     The novel chronicles the exploits of a strong female lead, Dr. Joanna Weatherly, an anthropologist & archeologist, who grew up believing she was an orphan, raised by nuns and sheltered by the church. Then on the eve of a major social/political meltdown in the United States, she is visited by a mysterious stranger who bears a family secret so unbelievable she begins to think she is going crazy, confusing reality with her dreams. Just as she is coming to grips with who/what she really is, Joanna is faced with the unfathomable family legacy she has inherited.




     History books generally regard Hernando De Soto as a courageous conquistador and 'explorer' providing only a glimpse into the dark and tragic history of his ill-fated expedition into La Florida. Bloodlust is a historical fiction epic novel that tells the TRUE story of the rise of Hernando DeSoto as a fabled Conquistador/Explorer and his exploits, as told from the perspective of the survivors of the expedition into La Florida. The epic is based on more than five years of research, backed by personal accounts of some of the survivors, historical documents, as well as the testimony of individuals called before the court of inquiry investigating the failed expedition. Witness the events that can only be described as cruel, inhumane, sadistic, and devoid of any moral conscience. The story follows De Soto from his early life, through the twenty plus years in South America where he made a name for himself, gained wealth, and became accustomed to the cruel and horrific practices that fueled his lust for blood, gold, and social-political recognition, position, and power. The story provides insights into the political intrigue that stymied his efforts to buy his way into favor with the King/Queen of Spain and subverted his efforts to obtain the Governorship of Guatemala. Ultimately, as a concession, he ended up in La Florida where his group of intrepid conquistadors, 'explorers', raped, pillaged, and plundered their way throughout the unsuspecting tribes of Native Americans inhabiting the southeastern region of, what is now the United States.


The Cabin Boy


     Historical Fiction novel based on the real-life story of Michael A. Healy, (born 1839) the first Afro-American naval officer in the U.S. Coast Guard. Healy was one of ten children born by a mixed-race mother and fathered by a white plantation owner. The established laws of the day regarded Michael and his siblings as slaves since they were born to a black slave mother.   In defiance of the ban on educating slaves, Healy's father took great risks in providing for the education of his children.  While still in school Healy's mother and father died within four months of one another. Subsequently, Michael was eventually sent to seminary school France to finish his studies. However, the following year he left school, made his way to England and signed aboard a clipper ship as a cabin boy. From his humble beginnings in his seafaring career, he worked his way up to become a respected captain, commanding a vessel and eventually becoming the first Afro-American officer in U.S. Coast Guard.  Michael's story is filled with drama, adventure, tragedy, challenges, courage and personal triumph, against seemingly impossible odds at the time of his birth, his very existence as a recognized human being were denied.



Artwork by: Wojciech Magierski

Deviant Art

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