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What Readers Are Saying About the Wargs Trilogy

Therian Beta
  •      I am a complete fan of Author D. Allen's writing! It is one of the few books this year that I COULD NOT PUT DOWN! The story events, super suspenseful & unique setting-- as well as the unbelievably awesome character cast made me SERIOUSLY believe I was reading the books of a new show that would air on AMC as an American Drama Series like The Walking Dead. It is so fantastic- full of Real-life interest, drama and romance-- mixed with the kind of Intense Research-based Sci-Fi that you just KNOW have SOME truth to it! The author has CLEARLY done his research on the topic of Trans-genetic-mutation and uses all sorts of scientific terminology in a way that makes even the most novice-- feel an expert. I LOVE this series and believe a syndicate should SNATCH UP these stories! WOW! I couldn't say enough-- so just Get THE FIRST BOOK AND START READING! YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY! You had me at "Wargs"- Mr. D. Allen Rutherford.


  •      I LOVED the first book of the Wargs trilogy, The Curse of the Misty Hollow. In similar fashion to a kid in a candy store or a Lucas fan camping out all night to purchase a ticket for the debut of another Star Wars film, I ordered the second in the series, Dominion, before I even finished the first in the series. This is the first time IN MY LIFE I have ever rushed to order a book.


  •      Author Rutherford is a genius at plot. He skillfully divulges subtle clues while not giving away too much, leaving the reader wanting more. I found myself analyzing the story and speculating along the way in an effort to solve some of the mystery and have not experienced this since I was a child reading Agatha Christie


  •      Rutherford skillfully weaves multiple characters in the story and somehow brings an entire village, Graymere, to life. Rutherford's main character, Professor Matthew Kershaw, is sexy and a very lovable character and the supporting cast are very three-dimensional and very likable characters. Rutherford introduces exciting terms and concepts including cryptids, wargs, alpha primes, transgenesis, and brings the reader into a secret society of sorts. I sense that Rutherford's readers will almost immediately turn into fans as Rutherford's book transcends this genre to a higher plane.

  •  Whether you enjoy science fiction, mystery, young adult, romance, this trilogy has something for everyone. Author Rutherford is a star on the rise and I anticipate these books will be picked up on the big screen.


  •      I have enjoyed reading this book, and look forward to its sequel. The characters are well developed and believable and easy to identify with. The protagonist faces his adversities head-on and moves the story forward with his actions. The Wargs are frightening creatures, and the author explains how they came to exist in such a way that one could accept their existence in the real world. Mr. Rutherford is knowledgeable about the science of transgenesis and the processes that would create such creatures and very familiar with the techniques for their study. He explains all of this in a way that is easily understood by the layman reader.


  • This trilogy is a must read. I have read the set and it's awesome. One of those books you can't put down. I can usually wait to read a second or third book in a series. Not this time. Not a typical werewolf story,, something new and freaking awesome.! It's just plain good.

  • I am so glad to have been introduced to this author's novels. I loved the first novel, Curse of Misty Hollow, which was very effective in setting the stage on all accounts for the continuation of this story and Dominion takes off very nicely from its predecessor. Rutherford further builds on characterization, plot, and pace, in fact, this latter is faster and the plot has more twists and turns which only makes this sequel all the better than the first.

  • In novels like this where there is a lot of medical science and jargon, it is easy for a reader to become lost and skim over this information and therefore lose the connection between this and how it forms a backbone to the plot. This can be unfortunate as this is not what the author intended but where an author's shortcomings affect the novel and its reader negatively. It must be quite a challenge to successfully avoid this pitfall and Rutherford shines here. He does not bog the reader down with a lot of genetic science but integrates it into the plot and events so that the reader is very much engaged and understands how this science affects the plot and the warg/human hybrids as well as how viruses change a being's genome. It is what every author needs to do in writing a novel; showing the reader rather than telling. The former engages them, while the latter disconnects them. From Rutherford's Goodreads profile it is stated that he “.....attempts to create science fiction novels that blur the line between modern science and science fiction...”. Well, Rutherford definitely does this and one wonders how much of what he portrays in this series is based on modern genetics or transgenics and what is not! The lines are definitely blurred. There is no compromising as an author on conducting and manipulating research into a well-crafted novel!

  • After completing the first Wargs novel, Curse of Misty Hollow- I was eager to get into Dominion. Not every author can make a sequel so compelling and carry you further into the journey with even greater anticipation than the last. D Allen Rutherford leaves you spell-bound with the phenomenal plot and intriguing science fiction element--which leaves the reader thinking deeply about the very real possibilities of something like this taking place in real-time. The characters grow and develop and you become so acquainted with each- that you fall right into the pages with them. The suspense and perfectly placed details are just what a good sequel requires. D Allen did an outstanding job with his Trilogy and my respect for this author is great.

  •      Rutherford is one very clever author who not only entertains but also educates on the topic that forms one of the backbones of his novels, in this case, transgenics.


  •      Sometimes the third book in a trilogy can be a bit of a fizzer and totally let down as if the author ran out of ideas or just got tired toward the end, but not so in this final installment. Rutherford has been consistent in all levels of this trilogy, plot, suspense, action, characterization, descriptions of genetics, science and technology and animal behavior. Even his depiction of romance never lets up. Not only does all this form a solid basis for this series but adds depth and strength as well.


  •      One thing I have loved about this series is how it plays like a movie in your mind as you read. I guess it goes without saying that this would make a great movie. It would, but somehow, I would just like to have this trilogy the way Rutherford's worldbuilding has been captured in my own imagination. Sometimes a movie destroys this and you are never the same again, and how you saw the novel in your imagination is gone forever.


  •      In some final installments, the plot is mainly tying up loose ends to close the series, but in this one, the plot continues the Dominion plotlines and sets the scene for the finale in the last third of the book. The plot actually gets thicker as the saying goes, reaches a crescendo or peak two-thirds into the plot and then a roller coaster ride to the end but that ride is not so fast as to leave you with a suddenly finished book and you are wondering what happened, it all being over so fast. Admittedly, I was left breathless and panting at the end while the epilogue enabled me to catch my breath and leave this series satisfied with a contented smile on my face. It was hard accepting that this wonderful tale had ended, though!


     As with most authors, I am always happy to receive honest reviews from readers and fans of my novels. However, I'm a bit old fashioned in that I value honest reviews from people who read my novels. Hence, I do not buy/pay for reviews nor do I encourage the practice of paid reviews. I believe readers deserve to have fair and honest reviews, written by fellow book lovers, upon which to make an informed decision whether or not to purchase any given book under consideration. Therefore, if you are a member of the media, professional blogger, agent or producer, interested in reviewing either of my novels, please send me a message through the link below, detailing your interest. I will arrange for a review copy(s) to be sent to you. 

Wargs: Curse of Misty Hollow Audio Cover
The Wargs Trilogy:

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